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Three generation family in the countryFamily dentistry identifies and treats oral health conditions at every stage of life. Adults have very different needs than children, and at Bromley & Broyles Dental, we deliver comprehensive care that supports everyone's oral and overall health. Over time we build a complete medical and genetic history of your family so we can watch and prevent any significant oral health issues. Whether it's time for your child's first dental visit or you need restorative care, we offer the high-quality, personalized family dentistry that has made us a trusted practice across Lee's Summit since 1996.

In addition to comprehensive family dentistry, we also provide emergency services and specialized care in a fun, eco-friendly environment. Our office is conveniently located on Bayberry Lane off Highway 50 by way of 291 North. Call today to schedule your family appointment!


Why Choose Our Family Dental Services

Our knowledgeable team places a high priority on lasting relationships. We care about you and take the time to get to know you and your family personally. When you are comfortable during your treatment, you receive the best results possible.

Our office is a lively, fun place to visit! On top of that, we are an enthusiastically eco-friendly practice. Optimal health, family, and integrity are what drives us to provide a high standard of quality every day. Other things that set us apart include:

  • Paperless Charting
  • Total Health Approach
  • Constant Improvement

Preventive care is the key to avoiding oral health problems for all ages. We perform thorough head and neck exams and screenings for oral cancers and thyroid issues at every biannual visit.

Caring for Your Child's Oral Health and Development

portrait of moher and daughter smilingAs baby teeth give way to permanent teeth, we make sure children develop great habits and an awareness of dental and overall health. Losing a baby tooth is a significant event for most kids. At Bromley & Broyles Dental, we celebrate this milestone and talk about how to take care of their new permanent teeth.

We encourage you to join your child in the room for simple treatments such as fluoride and sealants to help them feel secure and build confidence. Encouraging your child's proper at-home care and healthy eating habits while they are young can help ensure that they avoid future problems and only need to visit for their six-month checkups.

Other conditions we treat include:

Tooth Decay: When preventive measures have failed, and there is a cavity that needs treatment, we explain things in language meant to be calming and supportive. We offer fillings, crowns, or even a pulpotomy to stop further decay or infection and prevent the need for additional treatments.

Gum Disease: If your child's gums bleed when he or she flosses, they may be experiencing early signs of gum disease. We check for gum disease during regular dental checkups and demonstrate how to prevent this condition with an excellent at-home routine. We demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques to promote optimal gum health.

Early Orthodontic Intervention: We can perform a simple removal of a primary tooth that is interfering with proper development or use space maintainers to direct alignment. If we see that further intervention is needed, we will coordinate regular orthodontic care with a trusted specialist.

Preventing Sports Injuries: If your child is very active or participates in team sports, it may be wise to have them fitted for a mouthguard. A small investment in a mouthguard can prevent injuries to the teeth, jaw, and face. We advise you on the most effective and comfortable mouth guards for your child.

A Compassionate Approach for All Ages

Closeup portrait of a woman embracing man in the kitchen at homeGum disease prevention and restorative care are the main focuses of adult dental care. We provide adults and seniors with gentle treatment that emphasizes preserving natural dental structure or improving aesthetics. Maintaining hygiene with regular cleanings or scaling and root planing is crucial to avoiding severe dental issues, including tooth loss and periodontitis.

Our team offers the restorative and cosmetic treatments adults and seniors need, ensuring natural dental function. For extensive treatments, such as dental implant placement and gum surgery, we coordinate with local specialists.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • White Composite Fillings use tooth-colored materials that are shaped easily to a natural tooth for repairing minor cracks, chips, and fractures. Because composite fillings are matched to the specific shade of your smile, they provide renewed appeal while addressing the damage.
  • Porcelain Crowns are tooth prosthetics used to encompass the entire structure of a tooth that is severely decayed, badly damaged, discolored, or misshaped. Once placed, porcelain crowns allow for renewed strength, functionality, and beauty.
  • Fixed Porcelain Bridges often consist of two or more crowns that can use either natural teeth or dental implants as support to replace several missing teeth in a row. In addition to providing smile symmetry, bridges also promote a proper bite and keep neighboring teeth in place.
  • Porcelain Inlays & Onlays are restorations that are often perfect for teeth that are too damaged or worn for a filling but not enough to need a crown. Like crowns, they are made outside the mouth as single, solid pieces of beautiful porcelain crafted to match the specific size and location of the cavity or damage.
  • Veneers are thin yet durable shells made of lifelike porcelain that fit over the surfaces of individual teeth. We specifically design them to mimic the feel, look, and function of natural teeth while also correcting many smile imperfections.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening uses whitening solutions specially formulated for professional use and distribution. We provide both in-office and take-home methods to deliver convenient treatment and radiant results.
  • Denture appliances are made in a dental lab that fulfills our expectations for quality and durability. We use premium materials that mimic the natural texture and appearance of teeth. The acrylic gum line is matched to your complexion and personalized to the size and shape of your smile. With full or partial dentures, the teeth appear seamless next to the gums, contributing to an improved appearance overall.
  • Invisalign® Clear Braces consist of virtually invisible orthodontic aligners that are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. Each clear plastic tray is crafted to your unique smile and uses targeted, gentle pressure to straighten your teeth comfortably.

Protecting Oral Health for a Lifetime

A portrait of a happy senior woman with her adult daughterWe consider the big picture by preventively treating dental concerns before they become larger issues. Dr. Erin Neill Bromley and Dr. Aime Broyles educate patients on best hygiene practices to minimize the development of decay and gum disease. We encourage routine dental checkups, which presents the opportunity to catch unseen issues.

When experiencing dental pain or emergencies, we schedule you in for treatment as soon as possible. We have great relationships with our endodontic and oral surgery specialists so we can make same-day appointments through our referrals when needed.

Contact Our Team for Excellent Dental Treatment in Lee's Summit

At Bromley & Broyles Dental, we offer dental services to fulfill the needs of each family member. Our team of experienced professionals loves taking care of children, teens, adults, and seniors. Whether your child needs treatment to protect their new teeth or you require restorative services to repair damage and renew your smile, our dental practice offers environmentally-friendly, sustainable oral health care to help you achieve a smile that truly shines.

We will answer any questions, check your insurance coverage, and schedule your first visit. Call for an appointment today!



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